Horses have the ability to experience existence as both as a ‘we’ as an ‘I’. They operate not only from their individual conscience, but also from and with a collective conscience. It is important for them to belong to a group, and to know what is the appropriate or ‘right’ place for them within the group, according to their true nature.

Horses are always honest and authentic. By authenticity we understand that someone acts in alignment with their own unique qualities, limitations and experiences. Horses have no hidden agendas and do not play political games! A horse can give you an important gift; a genuine look at yourself!

How do horses do this?
In a Horse-assisted-Coaching session the horse can reveal what the client, unconsciously, leaves out. It specifically mirrors those parts of the consciousness that are least visible or those which have been lost from sight. Acknowledging and reclaiming these restores strength, and helps us function better in our family, organization and team.

Horse-assisted-Coaching may be used to shed light on queries about:
• Organizational issues
• Leadership
• Motivation
• Personal issues
• The influence of non-verbal communication

“The horse helps you to accept reality as it is without passing judgment. Which is perhaps the best intervention any coach can give.”

Practical information
After a short introduction on the background and language of horses participants start to work with a horse. Previous experience with horses is not required. We work from ground level only.
Working with horses can, depending on the theme, take place on three levels:
• Behavioral level
This level focuses on the behavior of the participant, his actions, and the resulting effects.
• The level of the psyche
The horse mirrors the inner mood of the participant. If your head tells you something other than what you feel, the horse will react to the underlying emotion. This challenges you to be honest with yourself and others.
• Systemic level
The horse can represent someone or something from the participants system (family, organization or team). In order to acquire more information about this system it is possible to create a constellation (model). During these sessions we sometimes work with representatives and techniques from the Systemic Approach.

It is very important to work in a secure environment. Our sessions are held at peaceful and tranquil locations and we only work with reliable horses.

Experience tells us that the effects of horse assisted coaching are lasting.

Zuidenwind consists of enthusiastic, skilled and experienced trainers and coaches who work together to promote quality and continuity.
Zuidenwind wants to help you or your company to regain your inner strength and original motivation. From there you can enthusiastically reshape your life and career.

We offer training, coaching and psychosocial therapy with a focus on closeness/affinity and respect. We work with an integrative method, an array of regular coaching methods combined with body work, systemic coaching and the possibility of using horses.

“Be like a mirror. A mirror is not looking for things, nor will it create, but it welcomes and responds to everything that appears in his image.”